We are available to facilitate extended times of worship and prayer in your facility. Please contact us if interested. We
would love to partner with you.

We would need these things from our co-hosts:

A clear space to set up
6-8 ft. table
Facility available a day or so ahead of the meeting for set up
Love offering
Permission to receive an offering during the meeting
Help in unloading and loading the equipment is not required,
but greatly appreciated!

We will provide:

Complete sound system
Recordings available for a donation plus shipping fee
Set up and tear down of the equipment
Worship teams throughout the length of the meeting
Prayer coverage throughout the meeting
Facilitation of the schedule Prayer
Prayer and worship are sown into your church, ministry and region



How do I schedule a Voice of the Bride gathering?

 Contact personally, by phone or by email.

Who will contact the worship teams to take part?

 Marcia Rhoades/Director VOTB Ministries.

Do we have to pay the individual teams?

 No. At this point in time, we will receive a love offering to VOTB, but do not pay the individual teams.

Can we use the sound system currently in our church?

 We prefer to use our own system, however, there are exceptions. Our sound person would talk more with you on this subject.

Should we have food for the day?

 That is completely up to each individual ministry. We will bring water for the worship teams.

Do you have a set fee?

 No, however, we will be happy to receive a love offering.

Are the sessions recorded?

 Yes, they are recorded and available for a donation plus shipping fee.

Is Voice of the Bride Ministries a church?

 No, we are a parachurch ministry with a Board of Directors.

Is VOTB a nonprofit ministry?

 Yes, we are a recognized 501 c 3 organization. All donations are tax deductible.

How do I take part in a VOTB gathering?

 Contact personally, by phone or email.

What is a VOTB/combined session?

 This is a session led by VOTB, and including worshippers/intercessors from other ministries that are present in the meeting.

Who is Voice of the Bride Ministries accountable to?

 There is a Board of Directors for the ministry.

How long has VOTB been gathering?

 Since 2000.